Senshintei (Washing your mind) Café is the only café in Mt.Kurama after the main gate. It is nice to stop by after climbing up so many stairs and refresh my body as well as my mind. They have a very traditional Japanese café menu, like Amazake (sweet sake) and Ameyu (hot sweet ginger water). What is also unique about this café is that it is located below the Tenporin temple. So, you could be sitting right below the Amida statue while you are enjoying some tea and not know about it. There also is a vending machine for tea right next the café, but I highly recommend experiencing this very traditional Japanese café.

Located in front of Tenporin Temple, this dragon looks as if he is guarding the water and the temple. This is another place you would want to cleanse your mouth and your hands. For detailed instruction, please check my previous blog. This dragon, and many other water spots throughout Kurama mountain, has a sign that says “Thank you, water” For me this trip brought up more appreciation for the nature.