Reiki is a natural healing technique in which the practitioner directs in Universal Life Force Energy to the client using a non-invasive, stress-reducing technique.

The gentle laying of hands is practiced, either directly on a patient’s fully-clothed body or resting a few inches above the body.

Reiki sessions are soothing.

They support the release of physical and mental tension, as well as boosting the efficiency of the immune system. On a more esoteric level, Reiki sessions increase the vibrational frequency of the body, lending to a feeling of lightness and well-being.

However, it is not necessary to believe anything at all about Reiki to derive its benefits. Just come, enjoy the experience and learn what more and more clients are discovering: It Works!

Reiki is a different experience for each individual.

Many people find relief from common aches and pains of daily life. Others enjoy a quieting of the mind and a release from mental anguish.
Some of the client go home resolving the issues that they have been working with their psychotherapist for years in one session.

Still, some people find their energy levels increase or stabilize. Originating in Japan many years ago, Reiki has a multitude of benefits for the modern recipient of treatments.

You don’t have to have an illness to benefit from Reiki. Each session helps maintain your current state of wellness.

60 or 90 minute sessions consist of Reiki energy, Chakra balancing, Negative Belief release, verbal spiritual counseling, NeuroMovement as well as many other modalities that I believe will be most helpful to you depending on your needs. Click HERE to see the list of modalities.

You can receive Reiki sessions in the comfort of your own home. One of the amazing things about Reiki is to be able to transcend time and space. The session is conducted just like in-person Reiki sessions via Zoom or phone call.

Please note: Reiki is not meant to diagnose or cure illnesses, although it may support the body in healing itself. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice.




60 min session: $150

90 min session: $190

Jackson Heights, Queens
EFRM and 7 trains.



60 min session: $120

90 min session: $160

Zoom link / phone number will be emailed to you after we set up your appointment.

House Visit


60 min session $250

90 min session $350

An extra fee applies to locations over 45 minutes from Jackson Heights.

Virtual Reiki Session

First part is generally, the verbal spiritual counseling, releasing is the same as in person. We sit across from each other over zoom and talk/release whatever you need.

The energy portion of the session is still the same except I won’t be physically touching your body. However, Reiki travels through time and space. So, I will be sending the energy via zoom.

One of the benefits of virtual sessions is that you do not need to commute and can relax or go to bed right after the session without going through the hustle and bustle of NYC and can receive session from anywhere in the world.

Michelle, thank you so much!
I really appreciate the suggestions and needed to hear all of that. I’ve been focusing on my second chakra so much, I didn’t even realize that my heart chakra was not as open as I thought it was! It’s like a lightbulb went off when you said that and it’s SO apparent to me now! And I know I’ve been ungrounded yet still not doing as much work on first chakra, so THANK YOU for holding a mirror up for me to see this clearly.
I am beyond grateful to you for this amazing session!

~ A.R. Yoga Teacher

Michelle is an amazing Reiki practitioner, it is hard to find words to describe such beautiful, caring and healing energy. She helped me get through my divorce pain and sorrow and I am very grateful for that. She gave me hope when I barely had any. Every time I took a session with her was one more step towards my healing. Her understanding of Human nature, essential oils and her passion and knowledge to help out women are a great combination with her Reiki Practice.

P. H. Strategy VP at technology company

As a professional photographer living in the New York area, the demand of my business follows me everywhere. I work hard to fulfill other people’s needs while my own personal needs are a mere luxury. Michelle’s Reiki sessions soothed my stressful consciousness and helped me put my life back into focus. Since then, my body and soul has been tranquil & content.

~ E.C. Photographer

I had my first Reiki session with Michelle and it was great. After the session I felt in tune with my body which I haven’t felt since I practiced yoga 10 years ago. Thanks Michelle!

~ C.B. IT Specialist

Michelle has a wonderful healing presence. I felt peace and tranquility after the session. It was a wonderful experience. Whenever I enter her healing area I feel the presence of peace… a wonderful peaceful energy surrounds and engulfs the entire room where she does her work. On a remote healing I also received relief from symptoms I was experiencing. 

~ N.H. Entrepreneur

Reiki sessions can include:

Chakra Balancing

Balances the 7 major energy centers on mental/emotional levels, and the endocrine system on the physical level.

Negative Belief Release

Identify and release your negative beliefs/emotions that are blocking you from achieving full potential

Affirmation Technique

Creates positive thought-forms and positive thought flow to counterbalance “negative” thinking.

Relationship Guidance

Bring clarity and understanding to your personal, romantic, and business relationship.

Crystal Healing

Allow yourself to be supported by the subtle yet powerful healing energy of crystals.

Spiritual/Intuitive Guidance and Counseling

Verbal communication skills are combined with intuitive awareness to assist you in finding greater awareness and connection between heart, mind and body.


Connect your body and brain and help bring your body into optimal alignment.

Aura Layer Repair and Reorganization

Addresses deeper levels of healing that include trauma, past lives, stagnation, deeply held patterns, behaviors and reactions, loss and grief, psychic or emotional overwhelm.


Strengthens will power, grounding, and vitality, both physically and emotionally.


Detox and cleanse the physical system, as well as releasing and transforming negative or toxic emotions.

Habit-Healing Technique

Supports the cessation of habits, such as smoking, overeating, etc.

NOTE: This technique will be most effective if you receive regular sessions; or is in conjunction with a recovery program, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, or medical treatment.

The technique for Behavioral Patterns and Addictions

Supports change in repetitive patterns of behaviors IS and addiction.

NOTE: This technique will be most effective if you receive regular sessions; or is in conjunction with a recovery program, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, or medical treatment.