Blog: Reiki Trip to Japan

Reiki Class

Reiki is a natural healing technique in which the practitioner directs this Universal Life energy to the client using a non-invasive, stress-reducing technique.

The gentle laying of hands is practiced, either directly on a patient’s fully-clothed body or resting a few inches above the body.

About the Author

Michelle is a Reiki Master and Teacher, a certified aromatherapist and spiritual counselor.

She is the founder and owner of Purple Fish Healing where she holds her private practice. In her private sessions, she includes spiritual counseling, aromatherapy, crystal healing and other healing techniques that best fits her clients’ needs.

She has studied extensively with many Eastern and Western Reiki instructors in the US and Japan and can bring in a unique combination of various techniques and philosophies.

It is said that Mao landed on this stone 6,500,000 years ago from Venus to save the earth. When I placed my hand near the stone, I felt the dense

November 7, 2007

Poems of Peace

A long time ago, Buddha taught us that when we get rid of hatred, anger and greed, there is peace. Now we have a “Japanese constitution” humanity treasures that state

October 24, 2007

Mandala: Kon Gou Shou

There is a Mandala located in front of the main temple. It is called Kon Gou Shou. According to Japanese wikipedia, Kon Gou is a Buddhist term that means the
Big News for Reiki Photography!Open Center Bookstore is now carrying Reiki Photography greeting cards! They are trying them out for couple weeks and see how they sell. If you live

October 11, 2007

Guarding Tigers

The main temple is guarded by two Tiger statues. Generally most of the temples are guarded by dog statues, but Kurama Temple has Tigers because of the temple’s special association