There is a Mandala located in front of the main temple. It is called Kon Gou Shou. According to Japanese wikipedia, Kon Gou is a Buddhist term that means the hardest metal on earth. For example, it is said that Kon Gou stone means diamond. Shou means floor or bed. So, I assume that Kon Gou Shou means that hardest floor/bed on earth. My interpretation is that it is symbolizing the most stable and reliable place on earth. It certainly felt that way.

According to broshure of the Kurama temple, the pattern of this Mandala represents the teaching of Kurama temple, about the ideal goal of uniting the universe and people who have the universe inside of them, coming together as one. The mandala seems to have special energy. I stood on top of the triangle for a long time enjoying the sensation in my body from the energy coming up from the mandala. Most people place their hands in a prayer position and stop and pray, some people kneel down and bow, others even perform some kind of sacred dance on top of it.

I also charged my crystals on top of it when there was no one else around waiting to experience the Mandala.