Welcome to the Reiki Photography blog. The purpose of this site is to share my experience of exploring Reiki in Japan. I have a unique perspective of being Japanese, born and raised in Japan for 17 years, but living in America for almost half of my life without much exposure to Japan or Japanese culture. 15 years ago when I left Japan, I had never heard of Reiki. When I first came across Reiki, I thought it’s another one of those things that people claim is Japanese, but really isn’t. Later on, I found out that Reiki actually is from Japan. I still did not believe it when I took Reiki 1 and my Reiki teacher told me about Master Mikao Usui who is the Japanese person who started Reiki. Now, Reiki is becoming more and more popular in Japan that has already become a popular healing modality in the West. I have studied Western Reiki with Japanese Reiki techniques in great depth. Now I am very curious to learn Japanese Reiki and see how Japanese Reiki is being taught. Currently, I am only trained in teaching Reiki in English and would eventually love to teach in Japanese.

Below is some of the itinerary of what I am planning on doing in Japan to give you some idea. I am not going to list them all in today’s blog. I will continue to list more as I update my blog. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment. I did as much research as I could on the internet to find the events that sound interesting, but I am sure there are more out there. If you are in Japan, you may want to join me at some of the events. I have included web links to the respective events and classes, unfortunately, many of websites and events are only in Japanese. If you sign up for the mailing list, I will email you every time I update the blog.

3/29/07: Mt. Kurama field trip hosted by “Earth”
I subscribe to the newsletter by “Earth”. The owner of “Earth” is a chiropractor and a Reiki master/teacher who studied Komyo Reiki. His newsletter is always full of insightful comments and useful information. He takes people to Mt. Kurama twice a year and I always wanted to go. I was very happy when I got the newsletter and found out that he actually planned the next field trip on my 4th day in Japan!

4/5-7/07: Jikiden Reiki
Jikiden was founded by Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son Tadao. From what I read in a Jikiden book, she grew up surrounded by relatives practicing Reiki and learned Reiki from Chujiro Hayashi. They teach Shoden and Okuden (loosely equivalent to Reiki 1 and Reiki 2) in 5 lectures in 2 and half days. This is different from most other Reiki schools where they suggest 21 days between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. I had mixed feelings about this until I found out that this is how Chujiro Hayashi taught Chiyoko and many other people who lived a long distance away.

4/8/07: Gendai Reiki Network Event
It sounds like this event will be a big Reiki circle. I really wanted to take Gendai Reiki by Hiroshi Doi, but since the timing did not work out this time, I wanted to at least check out what the Gendai Reiki is about.
Event includes:
•Understanding Reiki
•Day to Day use of Reiki
•Technique for clearing body and mind
•Hatsurei Hou
•Reiki Mawashi etc

3/25/07: NPO Japan Reiki Association Event
I really wish I could attend this event! NPO Japan Reiki Association is putting together very exciting event.
• Introduction by Yoko Tsuji (chair person for NPO Japan Reiki Association)
• Lecture by Inamoto Hyakuten. (founder of Komyo Reiki)
• Lecture by Hiroshi Doi (founder of Gendai Reiki)
• Lecture by Canadian, Spansh and Iranian Reiki Masters
• Bingo
• Reiju by Inamoto Hyakuten, Hiroshi Doi, Yoko Tsuji and other NPO Japan Reiki Association Reiki teacher
If you are in Japan, you don’t want to miss this!

Reiki Prayer at Mt. Kurama
I had this done by another Reiki Master and really loved it. It made a such a nice gift for people that I love. So, I have decided to offer it to all of you.

Mt. Kurama is where Master Mikao Usui meditated and discovered Reiki. The mountain and the temple is also worshiped as one of the holy place in Japan. While I am on Mt. Kurama I will use Reiki to create a sacred space and, for everyone who requests it, I will say a prayer. If you are interested in having a prayer read for you or your loved one, please read the instructions below carefully. I will offer this to the first 200 requests.

Sending a prayer will be free.
If you would like a pdf photograph with your personalized prayer email to you, it will be $10 each or $17 for set of Japanese and English.

I will be creating a pdf, 4×6 photograph of Mt. Kurama personalized with your requested name and prayer. I am offering a choice of English Only, Japanese Only (I will translate your prayer from English to Japanese or vice versa.) or you can order two photographs, one in English and one in Japanese. See samples below. Please make your orders and submit your text by 3/21 before I leave for Japan.

Englsih & Japanese Sample

These samples are just there so you have some idea of what you may be receiving. The background will be replaced by photograph of Mt. Kurama and the layout and text will change as well.

When I return with the photograph, I am planning on offering 3-5 designs to choose from, which will be available in the beginning of May. I will post them here and you can email me with your choice.


Prayer only request (Maximum of 3 prayer requests per person)
1. Person’s name (You or your loved one)
2. 3-5 word prayer (like Love, Peace, Happiness & Joy)
3. Check out the blog to see when it’s happening
4. Enjoy
Click here for the Request form

Prayer request with photo (Order as many as you like)

1. Person’s name (You or your loved one)
2. 3-5 word prayer (like Love, Peace, Happiness & Joy)
3. Specify English only, Japanese only or one in English and one in Japanese
4. Please send your payment to photo@purplefishhealing.com through paypal
$10 for English or Japanese Only, $17 for one in English and one in Japanese
5. You will receive an email in the beginning of May to select the design of your photo.
6. Email me back with your choice.
7. You will receive an email with the pdf attached.
8. Forward this email to your loved one or print it out, frame it and give it to them!
Click here for the Request form

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at photo@purplefishhealing.com.