Reiki Master Program

Purple Fish Healing Reiki Master Student Testimonial

Katie Dalton 🦋

Pilates instructor and Reiki practitioner

Reiki Master Program :

The purpose of Reiki Master program is

Deepen your knowledge/practice with Reiki.

Work through your challenges and turn them into your gifts.

Gain knowledge and skill to become professional Reiki practitioner if you choose to. ( You are not required to become professional Reiki practitioner if you want to just work on yourself.)

Learn to live your life as the light you are.

Module 1: Jan 21 & 22, 2023

Japanese Healing Techniques:
Bodywork Techniques, Organ Body Protocols, Scanning, Detoxification Technique, etc ~ Intentions and Affirmations ~ Mind-Body Symbolism

Intentions and Affirmations

Mind-Body Symbolism

Module 2: TBD


Chakra Breath/Movement

Ayuvera Chakra balancing


Essential Oils

Ethics of Touch part 1

Module 3: TBD

Business 101

Student Clinic

Ethics of Touch part 2

Module 4: TBD

Reiki Master Symbol



Programming crsytal

Ethics of Touch part 3

Graduation and Celebration

Digital Manual is included in the tuition

Each Module is 2 Days 12-5pm EST $425

Location: Zoom

Please Contact for Early Bird Pricing $1600 for all 4 Modules

Optional Certification requirement:

21 Reiki Sessions

4 Peer Exchanges

Receive 4 -1 hour private session (additional fee)

Recommended Reading Assignments

Written summary of your Reiki experience

Letter of Completion is available upon request without completing Certification Requirement

I see more now, I’m also hearing better, hard to describe these things without sounding like I was blind / deaf or crazy lol I hear music and voices, and I see auras if I focus a bit. Some pretty cool stuff. I do reiki almost every night. I have a whole set of wings.
~ J.G. Security officer

About the Instructor:

Michelle has studied extensively with many Eastern and Western Reiki instructors in the US and Japan and can bring in a unique combination of various techniques and philosophies.

She has been teaching since 2007 at the Open Center, Swedish Institute, Purple Fish Healing, and as well as private one-on-one classes. She has taught more than 250 transformational classes and over 4500 students/audience.

Michelle has also studied and taught many other spiritual disciplines and will guide you through your journey gently with all her knowledge and experience.

Many, many thanks for a life-changing class this weekend! I learned more than seems possible in two days – or, more accurately, learned more and shifted more energy. It was truly life-changing, and has set me on a path that I know is right for me. Again, thanks so much for all you did this weekend!

E. H. Administrator