Are you stressed out and overwhelmed?

Want to be more centered and grounded?

Reaching for a goal and need extra support?

Want to manifest your dreams?

Interested in learning to care for yourself and others?

If you say “Yes” to any of them, Reiki could help you.

Reiki not only helps to you feel calm and peaceful, but also helps align you to your life’s purpose and support your ongoing life journey. Reiki strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal itself and promotes feelings of being centered and grounded.

Reiki works on all levels: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Now offering Virtual Reiki sessions via Zoom.


During the Reiki session with you, I got images of ducks in the pond and light breezes gently blowing across tree tops. These images reminded me of the peace that I am. Now some mornings before going to work, I sit in the park that is across the street from my office building and put my focus on the trees and affirm myself as joy, love and peace. Thank you Michelle! You have given me a wonderful gift.

R.L. Administrator